Europe and China join hands to oppose Trump’s “America First”

Brussels / Beijing :China and Europe have indicated joining of hands for opposing the recent aggressive policy declared by the American President, Mr. Donald Trump. The annual meeting between the European Union and China has been scheduled for early this year. Both the parties have claimed that a relevant message will be conveyed to Trump through this meeting. President Trump had announced that taxes will be levied on the Chinese and European companies, and the latest policy ‘America First’ will prevail on priority. This announcement received major repercussions both from China and the European nations.


Donald Trump while running his election propaganda had spoken of entailing tax on Chinese goods in the future and had also labeled China as a ‘currency manipulator’. After being elected as President, Trump had warned Germany on the issue of imposing 35% tax on imported German cars in America, and at the same time had also notified all the other companies exporting to US regarding tariff changes. Hereon the American trade policy will go by the ‘America First’ principle, has been declared by President Trump.

Trump’s ‘America First’ code and inflicting of heavy duty on imports is said to mainly affect China and Europe adversely. Following these policies, Europe’s unrestrained trade agreement is supposed to have come to an end. In order to prevent the economic loss due to the course of these events, as well as to sternly display opposition towards Trump’s tactics, China and Europe’s affiliation seems to be proceeding rapidly.

The said Annual meet that usually is held in the month of June, is apparently being scheduled around April or May this year. The spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of China, Geng Shuang has made a mention about being in correspondence with Europe regarding the bilateral contract.

‘By holding this session earlier than expected, China is aiming to convey that they have friends in Europe.’ an official from the EU cited. If America decides to go against the International Trade regulations or happens to harm Europe’s good relations, then Europe will be left with no option, but to protest against America, stated the EU commissioners.

Polarization and dissolution suit has picked up pace in America – EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini

The polarization and dissolution suit has picked up pace in US, owing to which the nation has been under pressure of internal struggles stated EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. These occurrences in US, as well as the new administration’s strain may create instability in the global scenario, said Mogherini. National strength, determination and unity are the requisites for the country that wants to lead worldwide, further opined EU’s foreign policy chief.

Mogherni had also recently visited America and met with their Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson and other official authorities.

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