Eight injured in Houthi attack at Abha airport in Saudi; claimed to be second attack within 24 hours

Riyadh – Eight people were injured in a drone attack by Houthi Rebels at Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport, which also caused damage to a civilian plane, as reported by a Saudi official. Missile attack on the Najran airport was averted shortly before the drone strike at Abha Airport. For the past few years, Iran-backed Houthi Rebels have consistently used drones to target airports and military bases in Saudi.


Saudi, Yemen, Drone attack, Houthi RebelsAbha, the capital of the Saudi province of Asir, which borders Yemen, was targeted on Tuesday morning. An interceptor system deployed by the Saudi authorities shot down the drone targeting the Abha Airport. However, some pieces of drones crashed into a nearby civilian plane and some vehicles. Saudi officials have reported few foreign passengers to be injured, including people from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Out of which, the Bangladesh national is critically injured.

Saudi officials confirmed this to be the second drone attack on the Abha airport in the last 24 hours. Before attacking Abha airport, Houthi Rebels tried targeting Najran, Jazan and Khamis Mushayt with missiles and drones. However, all the attacks have been successfully intercepted, said the Saudi officials.

Houthi Rebels have consistently targeted Abha Airport for the last five years. According to Saudi officials, Abha Airport has been attacked about ten times, including missile and drone strikes, killing one foreign national and injuring more than 50 people.

Saudi, Yemen, Drone attack, Houthi RebelsOn Sunday, Houthi Rebels launched a major attack on a pro-Saudi military base in Yemen. More than 30 soldiers were killed and more than 60 were injured in the attack on the al-Anad army base in Lahij province. Armoured drones along with ballistic missiles were used in the attack. This year, it is believed to be the biggest attack on Saudi led front by the Houthi rebels.

The conflict of Saudi Arabia and its allies with pro-Iranian Houthi rebels is going on since 2014. As a result, the Saudis have suffered heavy losses, but they are unwilling to back out. A few months ago, Saudi Arabia offered peace talks with Houthi rebels through mediation by the United Nations and the United States. Houthi rebels rejected the proposal and threatened to intensify the attacks.

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