Concerns increase as Triple Coronavirus mutation strain emerges in four Indian states including Maharashtra  

Triple Coronavirus

New Delhi: – Triple Coronavirus mutation has come to the fore, while the alarming increase of double Coronavirus mutation of Coronavirus being responsible for the pandemic’s second phase. This Triple mutation has increased the concerns regarding Corona furthermore. It is claimed in a report that the Triple Coronavirus mutation strain has been found in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and West Bengal. Besides, the possible reason for the phenomenal increase of cases in these states could be this Triple mutation. But the research is not complete in this matter; the union government has asked the states to send more samples for genome testing.   

Any virus changes its genetic structure periodically. New strains of the virus come into existence due to this. Some strains are more virulent and some are milder. These new strains and variants are responsible for the fresh waves of the pandemic around the world. The pandemic claimed 2,023 lives between Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. For the first time, the number of deaths in the country has crossed 2,000, in a single day. 295,000 new cases also were reported in the corresponding period. The health systems’ strain has also increased tremendously due to the high number of new cases being reported per day. In the wave that started in February, the suspicion of patients being infected with double mutant Coronavirus has been expressed repeatedly.  

It has been revealed that 61% of the samples sent from the state of Maharashtra, in the last week were Second Mutant Corona. But the number of samples being less, no concrete inference is possible based on these results. The central government had ordered the states to send in more samples. While the suspicion of the Second Corona mutant being responsible for the second wave is being expressed, the Triple mutant also has surfaced.   

Triple mutation means a new virus formed through a combination of three strains of Coronavirus. Triple mutation virus can prove to be extremely lethal. This could pose a serious challenge. Fears are being expressed that the ill effects will be visible in the next few days. Fears are also being expressed that this Triple mutant Corona will have a major impact on the infected person’s respiratory system. It is also not clarified if the current vaccines will be effective against the Triple mutant.  

It is being said that discovery of the Triple mutant has got even the union government worried. Therefore, the union government has issued instructions to the states to send the maximum possible samples collected from the patients. This will help find the true information regarding the Triple mutant and future moves and measures can be decided.  

Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has said that Covaxine is effective against the double mutant virus. This has been revealed during research. ICMR said that Covaxine is effective even against the double mutant Corona strains found in the United Kingdom and Brazil. Covaxine has been developed jointly by ICMR and Bharat Biotech. 

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