GCC demands inclusion of its member states in any talks on Iran nuclear deal

Riyadh: – US President Joe Biden has expedited moves to start discussions regarding Iran nuclear deal. But it is not clear whether the US President will accede to the demand to include the Middle Eastern countries in the discussions. In this scenario, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the association of the Middle East countries, has taken a firm stand that the Gulf sector countries have to be a part of the Iran nuclear deal discussions. Simultaneously, the GCC has appealed that Iran should immediately stop supporting the organisations responsible for creating instability in the Middle East.   

GCC comprises Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman recently held a meeting. Nayef Al-Hajraf, Chief of the GCC, held discussions with the European Ambassadors regarding the Gulf and Iran situation. The European Union has taken the initiative for the discussions on the Iran nuclear deal. Against this background, Hajraf presented the GCC stand. Although the talks will be held between the United States, European Union and Iran, they are extremely important for the security and stability in the Middle East. This fact was overlooked while signing the agreement in 2015 and the permanent members of the UN Security Council kept the Gulf countries out of the discussions with Iran. Hajraf demanded that this time the Gulf countries have to be participating in the discussions.   

At the same time, Hajraf also reprimanded Iran thought the medium of these discussions. Iran should stop interfering in the internal matters of the countries from the Gulf sector. GCC Chief lashed out that Iran should immediately withdraw all the support given to the armed organisations from the region. The GCC Chief made a clear mention of the Houthi rebels at this time.   

Hajraf reminded that the GCC has played an important role in establishing peace and stability at the Gulf and the international level. Hajraf appealed that the international community should take the initiative to relieve that locals from the Houthi rebel attacks in Yemen. The GCC Chief also met the UN special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffith, to discuss the attacks by the Houthi rebels.   

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has already clarified that he favours talks with Iran regarding the nuclear deal. But as per reports published in the media, the Biden administration is already holding secret talks with Iran. The Iranian leaders have started claiming that the United States will accept Iran’s demands and withdraw sanctions imposed against Iran. The countries in the Gulf fear that in that scenario, Iran will become more aggressive. Against this background, the GCC demand becomes more significant. Before this, the French President had also appealed to include Gulf countries in the discussions regarding Iran nuclear deal. Israel also had warned that it is necessary to include the regional countries in the discussions with Iran. 

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