Denmark Parliament passes bill to keep refugees out of Europe

Copenhagen – The Danish Parliament passed a bill having a provision to keep the immigrants desirous of asylum in Denmark, in a third country outside Europe. Thus, Denmark becomes the first member of the European Union to pass a law of this nature. Furthermore, a few days ago, the Denmark government also announced the decision to send Syrian immigrants back to their homeland. These subsequent decisions taken by Denmark have brought resentment regarding immigrants on the anvil once again.


Denmark passes law, Syrian refugees , asylum seekers, Europe, Rasmus Stoklund, Mattias Tesfaye, Denmark rwanda immigration centerThe bill having a provision to send the immigrants to a third country outside Europe was passed with 70 votes in favour and 22 against. If an application is made for asylum in Denmark, these immigrants will be sent to a third country outside Europe. Denmark government spokesman Rasmus Stoklund justified the bill saying that immigrants will stop seeking asylum in Denmark after knowing this. Danish Integration Minister, Mattias Tesfaye, assured that the system to send the immigrants to a foreign country would be within the framework of the international regulations.

As per the new law, the Denmark government will be building an independent camp and other facilities for the immigrants in the country outside Europe. All those applying for asylum in Denmark will be sent to these camps. Sources informed that the qualifying immigrants would be allowed to move from these camps to Denmark only after completing the requisite legal formalities for asylum. Although it has not been revealed as to which country will the facility be created, it is likely that Rwanda, from Africa, could be the country of choice.

Denmark passes law, Syrian refugees , asylum seekers, Europe, Rasmus Stoklund, Mattias Tesfaye, Denmark rwanda immigration centerOnly last month, Denmark and Rwanda signed an agreement. The agreement mentions cooperation in completing the process of immigration in the third country outside Europe. Therefore, it is believed that the Denmark government could build an overseas immigration centre in Rwanda. It is being pointed out that the Danish ruling party had given this assurance in its manifest for the 2019 elections. But the European Union and the volunteer groups have fired salvos of criticism at the law passed by the Danish Parliament and have raised questions regarding the security of these immigrants.

Denmark has a population of nearly 6 million, and more than 35,000 immigrants live in that country. But there is resentment because of the social changes and the security issues faced due to these immigrants. Therefore, aggressive steps are being taken in Denmark to expel these immigrants out of the country and to stop their influx. Expulsion of Syrian immigrants and the new law passed by the Parliament only confirm these actions.

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