Defence forces will keep readiness for a 15 days war, in view of the Pakistan-China threat

New Delhi: While the tension is reigning high on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, Pakistan is firing on the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir, with long-range artillery guns. In this scenario, the Indian defence forces have made preparations to fight a 15 days war, on both the fronts and has decided to stock ammunition and other essentials necessary for a 15 days war. The sources claimed that accordingly, the three defence forces could make purchases of weapons and ammunition, to the tune of ₹500 billion.

Till now, the defence forces were keeping an active stock of ammunition and other essentials required to fight a war for ten days. But the possibility of having to fight a war on both the fronts has become stronger. In view of this changed scenario, it has become necessary for the Indian defence forces have a preparation that would be required to fight a war for 15 days. For this purpose, the defence forces could be making purchases of arms, ammunition, defence equipment and other systems worth ₹500 billion. In the past, the defence forces were keeping preparations sufficient for 40 days of war. But given the changed war techniques, this was brought down to preparations sufficient for ten days. In 2016, following the attack on the Uri military base, the then Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar had decided to increase the funding required by the defence forces, for war preparations. Parrikar took the fund which was ₹1 billion to ₹5 billion. The defence forces were also awarded the authority to instantly purchase any item worth ₹3 billion, during Defence Minister Parrikar’s tenure.Defence forces will keep readiness for a 15 days war, in view of the Pakistan-China threat

After this, the defence forces purchased necessary missiles, ammunition, tanks and artillery guns in requisite quantities, to face emergency situations. But in the current times, a need to increase the defence preparedness has increased, in view of the challenges posed by Pakistan and China to the Indian security. Therefore, preparations are complete to make the funds, necessary for preparations for a 15 days war, available to the defence forces.

This will greatly increase the defence preparedness of the country and will also deliver a message to Pakistan and China. Since the last few months, China is desperate to exert military pressure on India. China has resorted to measures like publicity campaign and increasing deployment on the LAC in Ladakh, for this purpose. But after the cowardly attack by the Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley, India has made preparations to retaliate against China on all levels. China had not imagined that such a reaction could come from India. According to western analysts, the Indian reaction baffled China.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is using long-range artillery guns for firing on the LoC in Kashmir. Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Satinder Saini accused that the Pakistan firing is aimed at the civilian settlements. The Indian army is giving a fitting reply to Pakistan. At the same time, Lieutenant General Saini said that the Indian military is fully prepared to face any eventuality. Lieutenant General Saini also made a suggestive statement that there is no possibility of tension of LAC in Ladakh diffusing soon.

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