J&K police will deny clearance for passport, govt jobs to stone-pelters

New Delhi – Those who cause trouble by throwing stones in Jammu and Kashmir will no longer be eligible for government jobs. Also, permission required to travel abroad will not be given to stone-throwers. The administration of Jammu and Kashmir is preparing to make these strict rules, which has rocked the separatists. This will make it easier to rein in the separatists working at the behest of Pakistan. It is claimed that the concerned departments have been informed about this.


India, Jammu-Kashmir, Separatists, Indian Security Forces,For the past few years, the security forces had launched offensive operations against terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. But as the security forces clashed with the militants, a handful of separatists assisted the militants by throwing stones. The Indian Army had warned against such incidents. ‘Those who challenge us, by throwing stones, are being treated with restraint, but our restraint also has its limits,’ the military officials repeatedly said. Yet the incidences of stone-throwing did not diminish.

It was also alleged that the incitement of riots and stone-pelting against the security forces and the local administration was instigated by Pakistan. It was revealed that a large amount of money is paid to stone-throwers for this. There have been incidents where some youth, trying to get jobs in the government departments in Jammu and Kashmir, took to stone pelting only because they were being paid. The then government of Jammu and Kashmir had shown generosity by sympathetically considering such youths and withdrawing the charges against them.

But in the future, the stone-throwing incidents in Jammu and Kashmir could turn out to be a threat. If action is taken against the stone-throwers, Pakistan is also preparing to make a fuss that Indian security forces are committing atrocities against the Kashmiri people. Also, the human rights organisations that are disappointed with India are likely to support Pakistan’s propaganda. Hence, the necessary precautions are being taken to avoid such a situation.

The Jammu and Kashmir Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has suggested that the government collect digital evidence against those involved in stone-throwing and other acts against the country and not give security clearance for any purposes to such people.

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