Deceitful John Kerry should resign, strong demand by US Senators

Washington: Senator Dan Sullivan made vitriolic criticism, ‘It has been exposed that whenever John Kerry takes over the responsibility of foreign policy and national security, US adversaries China and Iran are extremely happy. This is because both these countries very well know how to manipulate Kerry for their benefit.’ Making these severe allegations, Senator Dan Sullivan has demanded the resignation of John Kerry. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and other senators also have endorsed the demand for the resignation of John Kerry, made by Senator Dan Sullivan. Along with John Kerry, the Biden administration is in trouble because of the leaked audiotape of the Iranian Foreign Minister.


Deceitful John Kerry should resign, strong demand by US SenatorsTwo days ago, an audiotape of Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif was published. In the tape, Zarif has made highly controversial and sensitive statements regarding dictatorship in Iran, Qasem Soleimani, dialogues with Kerry and Israel. The audiotape has caused major upheavals in Iran, and President Hassan Rouhani has ordered an investigation into it. The mentions of Kerry and Israel have heated the atmosphere in the United States.

During Barack Obama’s tenure as President, John Kerry was the Secretary of State. Kerry had multiple meetings with Zarif during this period regarding the Iran nuclear deal. The tape has recorded a statement of Zarif saying that Kerry shared the information regarding the Israel attacks on Iranian locations in Syria.

Deceitful John Kerry should resign, strong demand by US SenatorsJohn Kerry is the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate in the Biden administration. Therefore, echoes of the statements made by Zarif are being heard in the United States, and the Senators from the Republican party have demanded Kerry’s resignation. Former US Ambassador Nikki Haley made vitriolic criticism, ‘Kerry has backstabbed Israel, the strongest ally of the United States, by providing this sensitive information to Iran, the biggest sponsor of terrorism. This is the most deplorable act, and John Kerry and President Biden will have to be answerable for this.’

Deceitful John Kerry should resign, strong demand by US SenatorsAlong with Sullivan and Haley, Republican Senator Mike Gallagher also lashed out that Kerry has carried out the most deplorable act by providing sensitive information regarding Israel to Iran. This is the second time that Kerry’s resignation has been demanded in the last two months. In the past, even the Trump administration had accused Kerry of establishing an understanding with Iran, going against the policies of the US administration.

Kerry has dismissed all these serious allegations levelled against him. The Biden administration had taken a stand that it will not be appropriate to speak in the matter unless the genuineness of the tape is verified. Biden administration is already facing criticism from the Republican party, Israel and Arab countries for its keenness to sign the nuclear deal with Iran. Now, this has added further to the pressure on the Biden administration.

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