Dawood’s aide Farooq Takla arrested

New Delhi/ Mumbai : The Indian agencies have succeeded in arresting Farooq Talka, a trusted aide of the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, who was involved in the 1993 bomb blasts. Farooq Takla was arrested, in Dubai, with the help of United Arab Emirates agencies and has been brought to Delhi on Wednesday night. Shocking revelations are expected during the interrogation of Takla.


Farooq-Takla-arrestedFarooq Takla was on the wanted list of the police for the last many years, in the 1993 bomb blasts case. Yasin Mansoor Mohamed Farooq is his real name and he is known in the underworld as Farooq Takla. Farooq Takla is considered to be one of the trusted deputies of Dawood. He was one of the Dawood aide who escaped from Mumbai to Dubai after the bomb blasts. There are many crimes registered against him in Mumbai.

Takla was involved in the illegal hawala activities since 1990 and it is said that he had a major role in the 1993 bomb blasts. Interpol had issued a ‘Red Corner Notice’ against him in 1995. Dawood and his aides who escaped to Dubai shifted to Pakistan after a few years. But Farooq Takla stayed in Dubai instead of moving to Pakistan. He was operating his hawala racket from there.

According to the agencies, Farooq Takla is an expert in making bombs and has been to Pakistan many a times to meet Dawood.

A CBI team was sent to Dubai after the local agencies arrested Farooq Takla. Takla was handed over to the team. He was arrested as soon as he landed at the Delhi airport. He was brought to Mumbai from there on Thursday. The TADA court has given him CBI custody till 19th of March.

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