The criminal gang MS-13 and IS can carry out drone attacks in the US

Third World War

Washington: The infamous US criminal gang and a terrorist organisation, IS can make use of drones to carry out attacks in the country and the frequency of threat of such attacks has increased, the FBI issued a grave warning. This warning was given in the narrative prepared by Christopher Ray, Director of FBI in view of the hearing in the US Parliament.


MS-13-IS-Drone‘The drone threat in the United States is ever increasing. Till date, no terrorist organisation has used drones to carry out attacks. But using the experience acquired during conflicts, the terrorist organisations can resort to the use of armed drones. We have observed that the terrorist organisations like the IS and Al Qaeda have been making efforts to use drones for attacks in the United States. There are indications that other than the terrorist organisations, criminal gangs like MS-13 and narcotic smugglers are also preparing to use drones for attacks,’ was the shocking warning issued by the FBI Director.

At this time, the FBI Director warned about the activities of the infamous criminal gang MS-13.  The extent of crimes of MS-13 is very large and the gang is active in more than 40 US provinces. The FBI Director said that there are more than 10,000 members of this gang in the country. US agencies had claimed that the gang is involved in narcotics smuggling, target killing, abductions and many other serious crimes.

As these claims are being endorsed by the information in the narrative by the FBI Director for the scheduled hearing with the US Parliament, the increased threat from the MS-13 gang is getting confirmed. ‘MS-13 is a gang dangerous for the US security and future. There have been coverups about these and such other organisations in the past. But if I become the President, I will take harsh actions against the gang,’ was the announcement made by President Trump during his campaign.

Along with MS-13 and the terrorist organisations, China is the biggest threat to the US security, said the FBI Director.

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