China’s undeclared ban over South Korean businesses

Chinese government’s mouthpiece has appealed for a ban on South Korean companies for its support over the Thaad deployment. China is always seen advising other countries to keep politics and trade separate from each other. Nevertheless, when it came to its own relations with South Korea, China has done the exact opposite.


Chinese media has threatened to ban South Korea as well as the Korean company, Lotte. Lotte group has a huge market demand in China. Similarly mobiles, vehicles and other electronic products from South Korea have a great demand in China. However Korean government as well as Lotte Group’s support of Thaad has angered China and the media has appealed Chinese people to boycott Korean products. Another Chinese newspaper on social media has demanded scrapping of all political ties with South Korea.

Over last few months, there have been indications from China about bitterness in its political as well as trade relations with South Korea. Chinese tourism to South Korea has seen a dip of 6.7 percent, while a few weeks back, China had even cancelled a big contract with the Lotte group.  

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