China’s strong shock to US Intelligence Services; CIA’s network in China devastated

Washington / Beijing – China has given a shock to the leading US intelligence service, the ‘CIA’. It has come to the limelight that nearly 20 spies who were a part of the CIA’s ‘Spy Network’ in China have been killed. The leading newspaper of the US ‘The Newyork Times’ claimed this on the consent of the authorities in the ‘CIA’ and the ‘FBI’. China had conducted this activity in the period between 2010 to 2012 and it has also come to the fore that the ‘Global Times’ newspaper in China has strongly praised the Chinese administration regarding the said campaign.


The espionage carried out by China in the US had proved to be an important clause in the US Presidential elections last year. By accusing that China is accessing every kind of sensitive information of the country, many senior leaders of the US had rebuked the government. Few months ago, one female officer working in the Foreign Ministry of the US was arrested for carrying out espionage for China. While last year it was exposed that an officer of the ‘FBI’ was acting as a spy for China for many years.

Amidst China increasing its scope of espionage in the US, the shock received by the US intelligence services in China has proved to be a sensational matter. The authorities in the US intelligence services have confessed that the action taken by China is a more shocking affair than the trap of the US spies exposed in Russia. During the cold war and post that period, two US spies, ‘Ames’ and ‘Hanssen’ had provided confidential information on a large extent to the Russian systems. This information had exposed the US ‘Network’ in Russia. However it is coming to the fore that the action taken by China is more shocking than that.

There have been two factions in the intelligence services regarding the action taken by China and there have been different claims made by both the groups. One of the groups has claimed of treachery by one of the agents in the CIA’s Chinese network. It is being claimed that currently this agent is staying in one of the Asian countries and is being helped by the Chinese systems. It has come to the fore that before the CIA agents in China started disappearing one after the another, this agent had decided to quit the intelligence services. Some of the authorities are claiming that this agent might have handed over the list of CIA’s ‘China Network’ to China.

At the same time, the other group has held CIA‘s action in China responsible. The network of the CIA in China was working irresponsibly. Some of the authorities are claiming that by keeping an eye on this network’s communication systems, China must have gathered all the information by penetrating the CIA’s technical trap. It is being said that the CIA who claims the trap of the spies in China as the most important and the biggest trap, had to lose the network because of not making appropriate changes in its method.

On realising the devastation of the network in China, the US systems had also taken up a special campaign to investigate it. Post that many officials of the Beijing US Embassy were also called back. It has also come to the limelight that extra care has been taken while appointing the new staff and the officials.

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