China withholds sensitive and critical information on Coronavirus, accuses US President Joe Biden

Washington/Beijing – US President Joe Biden accused the Chinese regime of blocking sensitive and critical information about the origins of the Coronavirus since the beginning from international researchers and world-class health experts. He said that despite the rising death toll from Coronavirus, the Chinese government still withholds corona information and refusing to maintain transparency.


Coronavirus, wuhan lab, US, Joe Biden, ChinaThe Office of the Director of National Intelligence, a prominent Intelligence Agency, has released a report mentioning the possibility of the origin of the Coronavirus to be from Wuhan Lab in China. However, the media has reported that the investigating agencies are divided on their conclusion. One of the intelligence agencies concluded that the Coronavirus origin is from China; however, other agencies do not support the claim.

A few days ago, Peter Ben Embarek, chief researcher at the World Health Organization (WHO), claimed that the first coronavirus patient (Patient Zero) must have been an employee at Wuhan Lab in China, so it is more likely that the outbreak started from Wuhan Lab. Embarek’s claims are significant, as he led the team sent to China to investigate Coronavirus origins. Even with these developments, it is surprising to see the scepticism of the US intelligence agencies to express their conclusion origin of the Coronavirus.

Since 2019, the spread of Coronavirus, China’s role has been highly questionable. China has consistently suppressed coronavirus information to avoid reprimands. China made attempts to blame other countries for the origin of the virus. Chinese researchers talking about the Coronavirus pandemic were silenced while several journalists went missing.

Coronavirus, wuhan lab, US, Joe Biden, ChinaHowever, despite China’s claims, significant countries, including the United States and European countries, have blamed China for the origin of the Coronavirus. Last year, former US President Donald Trump accused China’s Wuhan lab of being the origin of the virus, followed by other senior US leaders, officials, and researchers pointing fingers at the Wuhan lab. A researcher from China who left the country had revealed having evidence in this regard.

Against this background, US President Joe Biden had ordered US agencies to investigate the Wuhan Lab leak and submit a report that got Wuhan Lab Leak Theory on the forefront internationally. The WHO has twice called on China to co-operate in new rounds of investigations. But China has rejected the demand both times. In a statement issued on Friday, China denied the allegations and criticised the US for politicising the Coronavirus pandemic.

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