China warns to retaliate against the US sanctions imposed on Chinese companies

Beijing – China has warned that there will be a strong retaliation against the sanctions imposed by the United States against the Chinese companies over the Uyghurs issue. Last week, the United States blacklisted 14 Chinese companies for their involvement in atrocities against the Uyghurs. This is the second instance of the Biden administration taking action against the companies in the Xinjiang province over the Uyghurs issue.


US, China, US sanctions, Uyghurs, Xinjiang, Chinese companiesUS Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo justified the action against the Chinese companies saying, ‘The US Commerce Department is committed to taking tough and decisive actions against the companies from the Xinjiang Province, violating human rights and using the US technology to modernise the Chinese military. An aggressive policy will be adopted against individuals, companies and countries posing a threat to the United States and carrying out activities inconsistent with the US values.’

An intense reaction was received from China over the US action. The statement published by China warns that there will be a strong retaliation against the US action. China accused, ‘The US action is a serious violation of the international trade-related regulations. The United States is using oppression against the Chinese companies.’ The Commerce Department has blacklisted 14 Chinese companies, and no US company will be able to transact any business whatsoever with these companies.

US, China, US sanctions, Uyghurs, Xinjiang, Chinese companiesChina also warned that aggressive action would be taken against the United States to protect the Chinese legal rights and interests. Only last month, the Chinese Parliament passed the Law on Countering Foreign Sanctions. The law has a provision to target foreign companies if sanctions are imposed against the Chinese companies. Analyst Xian Li had claimed that this law is a part of the Chinese Wolf Warrior Diplomacy.

Since the last few years, dominant activities of the Chinese communist regime have increased all around the globe. The Coronavirus pandemic and the atrocities against the Uyghurs have been added to them. There is tremendous resentment in the international community due to these. The western countries have initiated steps against the Chinese aggression and expansionist policies, including comprehensive sanctions against China. China has apparently made preparations to retaliate against them. But China will have to pay a heavy price for this. It has been exposed that the decisions taken by China during the trade war to teach a lesson to Australia have caused major losses for China itself.

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