Remember that China is the biggest threat to the US; warns US Secretary of Defence

Third World WarWashington: Patrick Shanahan, the new Secretary of Defence warned that there is fierce competition for dominance at the international level and China is the biggest threat to the United States. Shanahan pointed out that for the next year, China will be the focus of US Defence Policies, consistently referring to China during a meeting in the defence ministry. Over the last few years, the tension between the United States and China is steadily rising, and many study groups have predicted a dreadful war between the two countries.


china, us, defence, patrick shanahanPatrick Shanahan has been appointed as the interim Secretary of Defence, following the resignation of Secretary of State, James Mattis. After taking up the responsibility, he visited the defence headquarters and held a meeting with the officials. Shanahan clarified the priorities and objectives of the US defence forces for the next year. The National Defence Strategy published last year was also referred to during the meeting.

The National Defence Strategy notes that the domination of the United States is being challenged by Russia and China and recommends that measures need to be taken to maintain the command of the United States. Shanahan was referring to this, pointed out that there needs to be peculiar stress on China. He also warned that the National Defence Strategy would act as a guideline for the US defence forces.

china, us, defence, patrick shanahanBefore Shanahan, even the previous Secretary of Defence, James Mattis also had repeatedly pointed out the perceived threats from China. James Mattis had indicated that the United States and its allies would continue to be active in the Indo-Pacific region, to stop the Chinese activities against Taiwan and Japan, as also in the entire area. Mattis had taken the initiative to get Australia on board for stopping China along with the Asian countries.

Only last week, Council of Foreign Relations, an influential study group in the United States had published a report listing the severe threats to the United States. The report predicts a strong possibility of a war between the United States and China over the South China Sea issue. Taking the possible conflict with China into account, the United States has raised its level of preparedness and increased warship patrolling in the Pacific region. At the same time, countries like Japan and South Korea are being supplied advanced weapon systems and fighter jets, and these countries form an essential factor in the campaign to stop China.

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