China stealing advanced technology by compromising US researchers, senior US officials allege

Washington: – Senior US officials made sensational allegations “Researchers who are working in various fields are secretly assisting China. Therefore, the super-advanced research carried out with the US taxpayers’ money is becoming available to China. This way, China is robbing intellectual property of the United States.” Michael Lauer, Deputy Director at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), revealed this shocking information during the hearing in front of the Health Education-Labour and Pension (HELP) Committee of the US Senate.  


us-scientists-chinaLauer expressed suspicion regarding nearly 500 researchers working in the United States till April. Out of these, 200 researchers are working in centrally-funded recognised institutions. Lauer said that inquiries are being conducted regarding these people, and startling information has surfaced in these inquiries. Lauer informed HELP that some of these researchers have built similar laboratories for the Chinese government while working in the US institutions and are also working there.   

Building a laboratory similar to the one created with the US taxpayers’ money for China and carrying out research in those laboratories for China amounts to treachery. Some of these researchers could be having professional relations with China. Lauer suspected that although these researchers claim to devote 100% of their time to the United States, in all probability, they are spending 50% of their time for the United States and 50% of their time for China.   

The credibility of these researchers is at stake, and in turn, the credibility of the institutions they work for also takes a major hit. Even in the past, it has been exposed that China has attempted to steal super-advanced technology from the United States and other developed countries in various illegal ways. A few days ago, Zhou Yu, a researcher working in a children’s hospital in Ohio, was arrested. It was exposed that he supplied his research to China, and it was revealed that he was doing this through his wife. The Chinese agencies paid Zhou Yu and his wife Chen Li, and these two had even formed a company in China.   

US Senator Richard Burr had warned this month that the enemies of the United States are stealing the research carried out with the investment of billions of dollars from the taxpayer’s money because it has become very easy for them. Against this background, it has become mandatory for the United States to take action against China because of this shocking revelation made during the hearing in front of HELP. The United States has accused China of intellectual property rights violation even in the past. Former US President Donald Trump had raised this issue of intellectual property theft by China while initiating the trade war against China.   

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