China releases edited video of the Galwan conflict

Beijing – The 12th round of talks between Indian and Chinese military officials was recently held to defuse tensions on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. The joint statement was released, and at the same time, a video of the conflict in the Galwan Valley was broadcast on Chinese social media and news channels. It shows Chinese soldiers throwing stones at Indian soldiers and some Chinese being carried away with the flow in the river. This video is an attempt to show that it was the Indian army that initiated the attack. The video, released on the occasion of China’s Military Day, is aimed to incite anti-India sentiments among the Chinese people and spread war fever.


China, Galwan Valley, India, India-China conflict,India had announced that 20 of its soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, got martyred in the Galwan conflict. But China was hiding the details about it. China has said it has lost only four soldiers in the conflict. A few days ago, China added another one to the number of soldiers killed. But there are convincing claims that the actual number of Chinese soldiers who died in the conflict is much higher than the number of Indian soldiers. But China is not ready to accept that. On the contrary, China wanted to paint a picture of its victory in the conflict. At the same time, China wants to show that Indian troops attacked Chinese troops.

A video released by China’s CGTN TV channel has been edited to show that both of these things will be seen. This video seems to have been majorly edited. At the same time, CGTN informs about Chen from the Chinese military who was killed in the conflict. The channel also broadcast the thoughts of the colleague whom Chen gave his life to save a colleague. However, all the information provided by this news channel about the Galwan conflict is one-sided, and it will be used only to spread war fever among the Chinese people.

A few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave the message that China should be ready for war, citing the situation in Afghanistan. Earlier too, the Chinese president had called on his army and people to be prepared for the conflict. At the same time, China is challenging its neighbours by digging up border disputes with almost all its neighbours. Analysts say it is the situation in China that is to be blamed for this.

Dissatisfaction regarding President Jinping’s government and the Communist Party’s dictatorship is growing. Jinping’s rivals are waiting for an opportunity to pull him down from power. Coronavirus pandemic, resulting in unemployment and food shortages and inflation, is causing harassment to the Chinese people. International investors are withdrawing their investments from China. The economic challenges posed by this have weighed heavily on China’s economy.

China, Galwan Valley, India, India-China conflictPresident Jinping is seeking the support of the Chinese people by actions against the neighbouring countries. Analysts say that using war and conflict has become a political imperative for President Jinping. By releasing a scissored video of the Galwan conflict, the Chinese regime backs President Jinping’s policies. At present, however, it is unlikely to have much of an impact on the Chinese people. Because the Chinese agencies are not ready to reveal exactly how many of their soldiers were killed in the conflict at Galwan.

There have also been reports, from time to time, that China is trying to suppress the truth by cracking down on bloggers trying to shed light on it. The repercussions are also being felt on social media under the control of the Chinese regime.

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