China preparing to draw ‘Separation Line’ on Mount Everest

Beijing: – China, where the Coronavirus pandemic originated, is preparing to draw a ‘Separation Line’ to prevent the entry of Coronavirus into the country, through the mountaineers going to Everest. This line is drawn by China, on its border with Nepal, which seems to be another plot to grab Nepalese land. Currently, Nepal is facing a major political crisis with the crash of the KP Oli Sharma government. China has taken this initiative to take advantage of the situation.   


China has forwarded a ridiculous reason that the Coronavirus can enter China through the mountaineers on the Mount Everest mission. To stop this spread, China will be drawing this line with the help of guards in Tibet. China has not bothered to announce whether permission has been sought from Nepal. Therefore, this will be a unilateral action, and China can annex any part it wants. No reaction has been received from Nepal. Because of the political turmoil in the country, Nepal can’t pay any attention to this issue.   

Nepalese Prime Minister KP Oli Sharma has lost his majority in the Nepalese Parliament, and his government has collapsed. It could take longer for the new government to assume power and start functioning. The Coronavirus pandemic also is spreading rapidly in Nepal. The Chinese media highlighting these reports only goes to show that there is a Chinese strategy behind that. One of the mountaineering experts from Nepal has said that the line being drawn by China under the pretext that Coronavirus from Nepal will travel to China with the mountaineers is not practicable.  

As per this expert, drawing these lines in the mountain ranges is a highly arduous task. Therefore, the suspicion regarding Chinese activities is getting stronger. But senior Nepalese officials have refrained from reacting on the matter. A few months ago, China had taken over some Nepalese villages and had declared them as its own territory. But Prime Minister KP Oli Sharma had avoided confronting China. Accusations are rife in Nepal that KP Oli Sharma is acting like a Chinese agent. Against this background, overlooking the Chinese endeavours of encroachment becomes a significant matter.   

KP Oli Sharma, who had overlooked the Chinese intrusion, had prepared to dig up a border dispute with India. But over a period, when the Chinese threat increased further, KP Oli Sharma initiated steps to improve relations with India. It is clearly visible that Nepal will have to pay a very dear price for its extreme cooperation with China. It is evident from the Chinese announcement regarding Mount Everest. 

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