China is the biggest threat to US Presidential elections: US NSA Robert O’Brien

Washington: – US National Security Advisor (NSA), Robert O’Brien, warned that China is the biggest threat for the Presidential elections to be held in the United States, in November. O’Brien also warned that China has initiated strong moves in cyber and other sectors and the Trump administration will not tolerate such activities. Last month, President Trump had accused that China has undertaken efforts to interfere in the US Presidential elections and has devised a plan to ensure a victory for his opponent, Joe Biden.  


US-election-ChinaPresidential elections are scheduled to be held in the United States, in November. The Democrat party has declared that former Vice President, Joe Biden, will be its Presidential candidate. Both the parties have been accusing possibility of foreign interference in the elections, even before announcing the official candidates. Against this background, the warning issued by the US NSA becomes significant.   

O’Brien warned ‘China is making large scale efforts to influence the US Presidential elections. China is launching cyberattacks on the US agencies and companies. The partnership of the Confucius Institutes, with the US universities, is also being used for interference. Pressures are being exerted on the US entrepreneurs to support China. All these Chinese activities in various sectors seem to be preparations for interference in the US Presidential elections.’  

The US NSA warned that the scope of Chinese activities is vast, saying that USSR, even during the time of the cold war, did not undertake activities on this scale. O’Brien said that even Russia and Iran are trying to influence the Presidential elections. If this interference continues, all these three countries will have to face dire consequences and they are already aware of this. William Evanina, Director of the US National Counterintelligence and Security Centre, and Attorney General William Barr also have endorsed O’Brian’s views that China poses the biggest threat to the US Presidential elections to be held in November.   

In the past, it was alleged by opposition leaders and intelligence officials that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections, to ensure President Trump’s victory. But President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had firmly dismissed these allegations. 

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