China imposes sanctions on the ex-US commerce secretary alongside six officials

Beijing: In response to the sanctions imposed by the United States on China over the Hong Kong issue, China sanctioned former US secretary alongside six officials. China has also targeted the ‘Hong Kong Democracy Council’ think tank, apart from these six officials. The Chinese sanctions will not change the US policy and resolution, responded the White House Secretary, Jen Psaki. For the third time this year, China has imposed sanctions against US leaders and officials.   


A few days ago, the United States had warned the US company over the Hong Kong issue. At the same time, the US also declared sanctions against several Chinese officials in Hong Kong. Thus, the Chinese sanctions imposed on Friday are considered in response to these US actions. The US action is wrongful; China has decided to respond to it. As per the international law of sanctions, China imposed sanctions on seven US officials and groups, said the Chinese Foreign Department.  

The leaders sanctioned by China include former US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Apart from Ross, the sanctioned leaders include Carolyn Bartholomew, chief of US-China Economic and Security Review Commission; Jonathan Stivers, the former official of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China; Sophie Richardson, the chief of Human Rights Watch alongside Adam Joseph King and DoYun Kim. These officials are banned from entering China.  

Moreover, apart from these officials, the Hong Kong Democracy Council think tank has also been sanctioned. China has sanctioned US officials and think tanks for the third time this year. Earlier this year, China had imposed sanctions on former US State Secretary alongside 28 US officials. Before that, last year, it had sanctioned US Senator Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz alongside 11 others. Moreover, recently, China passed the independent law in response to the sanctions imposed by the United States and western countries.   

In its response, the US White House has said that these Chinese sanctions on the private civilians and civil groups are an effort to deliver a political message. The US Deputy State Secretary, Wendy Sherman, will visit China in a few hours. Hence, the Chinese action seems significant against this background.

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