Restless China criticizes G-7

London: – The accusations that China spread the Coronavirus pandemic, which claimed 3.5 million lives, are gaining ground. Moreover, they also reflected in the G-7 summit. Indicating that the Chinese stand in this matter is suspicious, the G-7 countries demanded that China become more transparent. At the same time, the G-7 have started the ‘B3W’ project to counter the Chinese moves to entice the smaller countries with infrastructure development projects and entrap them with debts burdens. China, upset with this, heavily criticized the G-7.  


The Chinese embassy in London said that the times of a small group ruling the world are over. Small or big, mighty or weak, rich or poor, all the countries are equal. Chinese mouthpiece Global Times claimed that the Chinese embassy in London adopted the ideal stand that the international transactions should be carried out with concurrence from all the countries.   

The Chinese reaction is showing insecurity because of the unified G-7. This time, India, South Korea and Australia were invited to the G-7 summit held in London. All these three countries have disputes with China. The Chinese Ambassador to India suddenly started speaking the language of peace and cooperation, especially before the G-7 summit. The Chinese ambassador said that there should be cooperation and not a conflict between India and China. As per analysts, the friendly Chinese tone just before the G-7 summit becomes noteworthy.   

No member of the G-7 has made a direct accusation that China consciously spread the Coronavirus pandemic. But the G-7 countries have clarified that the claims made by China regarding the Coronavirus are not acceptable. The G-7 countries are also denying the claims made by the World Health Organisation, supporting and defending China. G-7 has demanded that there is a need for a thorough investigation regarding the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, and China should cooperate. The G-7 countries have expressed a suspicion, saying that China is not transparent in the matter. China has already started feeling the pressure. The preparations to criticize China, if some more information surfaces regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, seems to have been completed in this G-7 summit. China has started making preparations to defend itself as it has realized the fact.  

Meanwhile, China is concerned about its BRI scheme, given the infrastructure development project Build Back Better World (B3W) approved at the G-7 summit. This G-7 project is targeting China. A provision is being made to stop China from entrapping poorer countries in debt, using its financial muscle in the future. This could deliver a major jolt to Chinese investments and, in turn, the economy.   

Some responsible analysts have claimed that the alignment of the world’s leading countries against it will make China more aggressive. But the analysts warned that there would be reactions against this Chinese aggression. 

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