China should respect International Court verdict on South China Sea: Philippines

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Manila/Beijing (Agencies) -The Philippines has  urged China to respect an International tribunal’s ruling on South China Sea. It is said   that Philippines will be putting forward this point in Asia-Europe Summit happening on Friday. At the same time, Indonesia has announced the deployment of warships, fighter jets in their sea area. Even China has taken  action and warned to introduce new ‘Air Security Zone’.


On Tuesday, Hague’s International Court has rejected the claims of China on the South China Sea, and also declared that China has acted unlawfully by violating the Philippines sovereign rights. After this decision, China started showing their disappointment by announcing warning of war in South China sea zone.

Even the other, South East Asian countries have refused to accepts the claims  of Chinese government. Philippines is continuously warning China to respect the judgement of the court.

south china sea airstrips

Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay will attend the two-day Asia-Europe summit, known as ASEM, starting on Friday, in Mongolia along with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Secretary Yasay will discuss the peaceful and rules-based approach on the South China Sea and the need for parties to respect the decision.

Indonesian officials are preparing a plan to build a new military base somewhere in the South China Sea. The report said Indonesia’s Defense Ministry and the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas) had a meeting to discuss the potential locations for such a base.  Indonesia’s ex-senior military officer Ryacudu mentioned to deploy extra military force near ‘Natuna Islands’. Last month, President Jokowi Widodo, along with his cabinet visited warships area deployed at ‘Natuna Islands’.

Beijing has reacted furiously after an international tribunal ruling that rendered its claims in the South China Sea invalid and dealt a devastating diplomatic blow to its ambitions in the resource-rich region.

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