Chhattisgarh police launch a new campaign against Maoists in Bastar

Bastar: – Chhattisgarh police launched a propaganda campaign against Maoists in Bastar, which is under Maoist influence since the last 30 years. The public awareness campaign has been undertaken with the slogans ‘Bastar Tha Mata’ and ‘Bastar cho Awaaaz’, in the local languages Gondi and Halbi.   


Chhatisgarh Since the last few months, the counter Maoist campaign of the security forces has reached a decisive phase. The police have undertaken this public awareness campaign to annihilate Maoism from Bastar. ‘Bastar Tha Mata’ and ‘Bastar cho Awaaaz’ campaign has been started for this purpose. This will expose the anti-development and anti-tribal ideology of the Maoists.  

Inspector General of the Bastar range, P Sunderraj, said that the elimination of Maoism is the priority for the Bastar police. An effective campaign is necessary for this purpose. Therefore, a propaganda war has been started under the name of ‘Bastar Tha Mata’ and ‘Bastar cho Awaaaz’.   

Maoists are terrorising the Bastar area for the last 30 years. Therefore, while promoting the Triveni scheme of the state government, people will be convinced about the importance of infrastructure development works. Sunderraj said that the people would be informed through this medium regarding the damages caused by these Maoists to the development works in the last three decades.   

Banners, posters, videos, pictures, audio clips, dance-song-music and social media will be effectively used in this campaign against the Maoists. Activities of the Maoists will be exposed. The thoughts of the people of Bastar will be brought in front of the world through this medium. The campaign would try and convince many Maoists to give up violence, surrender and join the social mainstream. While initiating the campaign, the police released posters of some of the Maoists. These Maoists had referred to the police as mafia and dacoits. 

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