Biden administration’s budget gets heavily criticised by opposition 

Washington –  US President Joe Biden presented the first budget, which has received heavy backlash from both parties. There need not be an extra expenditure for Defense, the liberals claimed, as they are displeased with Biden for this budget. Moreover, the members of parliament in the opposition accused Biden of not increasing the defense expenditure, considering the nation’s security threat. The opposition party senators slammed Biden to assess the threat to the United States, posed especially by China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.  


The priorities of the previous Trump administration and now, the Biden administration are entirely different. Hence, this budget that amounts $1.5 trillion more than the one last year has become a topic of criticism for the opposition leaders. Biden’s budget has increased expenditure on transportation facilities, education, the environment, and the financial aid imparted to foreign nations by the United States. Moreover, he has announced $715 billion for Defense. Hence, US Senator of the Republican Party, Mitch McConnell, has fired a salvo of criticism. McConnell has slammed Biden in a joint statement released along with four other Republican senators.  

By not allotting the essential budget for the US Defense, President Biden has given a wrong message to the world. Thus, this raises concern about whether the Biden administration is prepared to face China, mentions the joint statement. Moreover, the Biden administration’s provision of $14 billion to counter air pollution has sparked an argument. Trump had ceased this expenditure during his presidential tenure. But, Biden’s administration is being too lenient in this matter, as criticised.  

Earlier too, Republican party leaders expressed concern that President Biden’s administration would completely neglect the US security and defense-related interests. Moreover, the republican leaders also drew attention to the fact that China has taken some decisions to challenge the United States when the Biden administration is in power. Thus, the backlash President Biden’s budget has received from the Republican party can intensify in this situation.

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