Baloch rebels destroy Jinnah statue at Gwadar in Pakistan

Karachi: – On Sunday, Baloch rebels blew up a statue of Pakistan’s founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, in the city of Gwadar in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. The Baloch Republican Army (BRA) claimed responsibility for the blast. The BRA backed the move, saying Jinnah and his ideology had no relevance in Balochistan. On Sunday, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) attacked and killed four Pakistani soldiers stationed in Balochistan.  


In June, a statue of Jinnah was installed on the beach at Marine Drive in Gwadar, Balochistan. On Sunday morning, the BRA planted explosives around the statue and carried out a blast. Initially, the Pakistani media did not cover the incident. However, when his photographs were published on social media, the Pakistani press was forced to note the incident. The Pakistani people are outraged. In contrast, the Baloch people are welcoming it.  

‘There will be a high-level investigation into the incident. But no arrested arrests have been made yet. Gwadar’s deputy commissioner, Retired Major Abdul Kabir Khan, said that the culprits would be dealt with severely in a day or two. The attack on Jinnah’s statue in Gwadar amounts to an attack on the Pakistani ideology. Former Balochistan Home Minister and Member of Parliament Sarfaraz Bugti demanded that the system punish the perpetrators. Earlier, in 2013, Baloch insurgents had targeted a 121-year-old building where Jinnah had lived. The building was destroyed by Baloch insurgents carrying out a blast.  

Meanwhile, the BLA blew up a Pakistani paramilitary vehicle in Balochistan on Sunday with a powerful blast. Four Pakistani soldiers were killed in the IED blast; two officers were injured. Earlier on Friday, two Pakistani security personnel were killed; five were wounded in an attack by Baloch insurgents in Awaran, Balochistan. There have been reports of Baloch insurgents joining hands with Taliban militants. It is claimed that these two are jointly attacking the Pakistani army. This has increased the concerns for the Pakistani military. 

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