Attacks on Non-state actors consistent with UN regulations, India claims in the UN

United Nations: Military action to stop Non-state actors, meaning terrorists not connected with any country, is justified. India clarified during an informal discussion that this action in self-defence is consistent with the regulations of the United Nations. Deputy Permanent Representative of India in the United Nations, K. Nagaraj Naidu, presented the Indian stand clearly. While justifying the action taken inside another country, Naidu pointed out that these terrorists are taking cover of the sovereignty of the country they operate from.

Attacks on Non-state actors consistent with UN regulations, India claims in the UNIndia had carried out an airstrike on the Jaish-e-Mohammed base in Balakot. Even before this, India had carried out a surgical strike in Pakistan. India has warned that it will not tolerate the saboteur activities by the terrorist groups in Pakistan, and action will be taken against them by intruding into Pakistan. India is presenting this stand aggressively on the international stage now and strongly justifying it. Naidu cited the terrorist attacks carried out in India. Naidu reminded that the serial bomb blasts in 1993 and the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai or the cowardly attacks in Pathankot and Pulwama were all carried out by these Non-state actors.

Therefore, urgent attacks with a proper intensity have to be carried out to stop these terrorists from operating from different countries. Naidu pointed out that these attacks are consistent with the rights awarded by the United Nations to each country for self-defence. The countries providing support for enrolment, training, financial assistance and security to these terrorist groups are using them to fulfil their objectives. These terrorist organisations also use the cover of the sovereignty of these countries and continue to carry out terrorist activities. Naidu emphasised that, therefore, there is nothing wrong with entering into another country to target these terrorist groups.

Although there was no direct mention, it is clear that Naidu targeted Pakistan.

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