As Coronavirus cases rise, India shifts diplomats at Afghanistan consulates in Herat and Jalalabad to Kabul

New Delhi: As Afghanistan shares a long border with Iran, the Novel Coronavirus is now spreading rapidly in Afghanistan. Given the spread of the virus, India has moved its diplomats and staff at the embassies in Herat and Jalalabad to capital Kabul. Sources informed that the decision was taken as these areas are grossly deficient in medical facilities.


More than 100 Coronavirus cases have been reported from Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the numbers are believed to be much higher as some of the Afghan provinces lack medical facilities. Moreover, the virus can spread much rapidly in Afghanistan as it shares an extensive border with Iran, where the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc.

India has thus moved its diplomats and staff from Herat and Jalalabad to Kabul as a precautionary measure. Since two foreign ambassadors and four NATO officials have reportedly contracted the Coronavirus infection, in Afghanistan India is said to have made the decision.

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