Intensity of allegations against President Biden being responsible for situation in Afghanistan increases

Washington: – Biden was harshly reprimanded by the mother of a US soldier, killed in a terrorist attack on a Kabul airport. ‘A demented leader killed my son,’ said the grieving mother. An American Marine who demanded accountability for the chaos in Afghanistan was abruptly fired. ‘The sacrifices made by my colleagues in Afghanistan were in vain,’ he said.  


US President Joe Biden will arrive at the Air Force Airport in Dover to pay his respects to the 13 soldiers killed in a bomb blast near Kabul airport four days ago. Biden is expressing his condolences to the victims of the massacre. But the American public is reacting angrily to Biden’s policies.  

Kathy, the mother of young Lance Corporal Riley McCallum from US Marines, slammed Biden. ‘The chaos in Afghanistan could have been avoided. They had many months for every citizen and soldier to return. But the Biden administration did not use the time. Instead, they sent 6,000 men, including my son.’ said Kathy. ‘Biden is an irresponsible, amnesiac leader and those who elected him are also responsible for my son’s death,’ she alleged.  

Steve, the father of Lance Corporal Karim Nikoi, who was killed in the Kabul bombing, also expressed outrage at Biden’s plans to deploy troops to Afghanistan. ‘Instead of handing over Bagram airfield to the Afghan army in July, if the withdrawal had started from there, it could have prevented the terrorist attack on Kabul airport. But it was decided to withdraw from the Kabul airport, which terrorists could easily target,’ said Steve, sceptical of Biden’s decision.  

Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller, an officer serving in the US Army Marines, demanded that senior leaders and officials accept responsibility for the attack on Kabul airport. Lt. Col. Schiller also used the famous statement of former US President Thomas Jefferson that ‘Every generation needs a revolution.’ The US military has fired Schiller with immediate effect. 

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