ISIS module Al Hind was preparing to establish base in South India: NIA charge sheet

New Delhi: – Last year, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) eliminated ‘Al-Hind’, the Indian module of the IS, carrying out raids at various locations in south India. NIA filed the charge sheet against the 17 people arrested during the raids. It becomes clear from the charge sheet that Al Hind was preparing to setup base in south India.   


NIAThe Al Hind module had been destroyed in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Many clarifications have been extracted from the terrorists arrested during the raids. NIA has mentioned all these, in detail, in the charge sheet. It was being planned to increase IS influence, in south India, setting up a base in the region. The terrorists had purchased books written about notorious smuggler Veerappan. The books describe how Veerappan succeeded in staying in the jungle, keeping the security forces at bay.   

In 2019, the Al Hind terrorists had surveyed the Shivanasamudra area in Karnataka. They intended to create the first Al-Hind province, by setting up base in the area and establish the domination of Islamic State in the region. The terrorists had collected weapons, explosives and other equipment. Some leaders, officials and eminent personalities were on the hit list of these terrorists. They had planned to carry out these killings and then cool their heels in Kolar, Kodagu in Karnataka, Jambusar in Gujarat, Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, Chittur in Andhra Pradesh and Bardawan and Siliguri in West Bengal.   

NIA has noted in the charge sheet that strong protests had been held against ‘National Register of Citizens’ NRC at the instigation of two leading terrorists Moidin and Pasha. In 2014, Moidin had been arrested for the killing of KP Suresh Kumar, a leader from Tamil Nadu. But he was released on bail in 2019. NIA informed that Moidin was in contact with Pasha to establish a new module, ever since. NIA has said that some members of the organisation are still absconding. 

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