Afghanistan locals attack Pakistan soldiers for intruding, 5 dead

Islamabad/Kabul/Tehran: 5 soldiers of the Pakistani ‘Frontier Corps’ were killed in the ongoing conflict on the Pakistan- Afghanistan Border. The Pakistan army suffered this loss in the retaliation staged by the Afghanistan citizens along the border, against the mortar attacks by Pakistani army. At the same time, two Pakistani soldiers intruding in the Afghanistan border have been reportedly captured by the Afghanistan locals.


Afghanistan, PakistanLast week, the Pakistan army carried out a heavy mortar shelling at ‘Kunar’ and ‘Khost’ regions in Afghanistan. The Pakistani army fired 1400 mortars on the border villages of Nazoghar, Jandoghar and Khanovo Ghondai, which killed 4 Afghan nationals. The Pakistan shelling continued in spite of the appeals by the Afghanistan government and army. Only on Monday night, the Pakistani army fired 400 mortars.

Along with this attack, the Pakistani army intruded into Afghanistan removing the fencing on the Laka Tiga post border, in Kurram region. The Afghanistan army and local Afghan gangs gave a fitting reply to this intrusion, alleging that this was clearly an act of aggression. As per the information given by the interim Chief of Police in the Khost region, 5 Pakistani soldiers were killed and at least 12 were injured in the retaliation by the Afghani pathans. Pakistani media has confirmed this report. The Afghanistan agencies confirmed that the bodies of the killed Pakistani soldiers have been returned to Pakistan.

The border dispute between Pakistan and Afghanistan has flared up since the last few years. The Afghanistan government and the army has alleged that the Pakistan army is infiltrating into Afghanistan on regular basis. At the same time, Afghanistan government had warned that Pakistani army is building fences in the Afghanistan border areas, thereby violating the sovereignty of Afghanistan.

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