6,500 active Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan

Kabul: – There are six thousand five hundred Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan, at this moment. The United Nations report notes that nearly a thousand of these, are affiliated to Jaish-e-Mohammed or Lashkar-e-Taiba.


Pakistan, Terrorists, Afghanistan

It is clear from the report that Jaish and Lashkar terrorists are assisting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The report also disposes of the Pakistani claims of a major contribution for peace and stability in Afghanistan. The terrorist organisations Jaish and Lashkar, send their terrorists to Afghanistan. These terrorists are a threat to Afghan security. The report warns that Jaish and Lashkar share excellent relations with the Haqqani group in Taliban and Al Qaeda. Therefore, those claiming that there is no Pakistani involvement in terrorism in Afghanistan have been exposed.

These terrorists active in Afghanistan are involved in the narcotics trade. Their network is operational in the Nangarhar province. This generates a huge amount of funding for the Taliban. Pakistan will have to, once again, submit explanations that it is not connected with terrorist organisations Jaish and Lashkar. But it has been exposed many times, in the past, that the Pakistan military and the infamous Pakistan intelligence agency, ISI, are maintaining and protecting Jaish and Lashkar. Therefore, the indications are that no one will be open to believing the clarifications given by Pakistan in this matter.

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