200,000 PPE kits are being manufactured in the country  

New Delhi: – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the safety shield for the doctors, nurses and the other medical staff, are being manufactured on a war footing in the country. The health ministry informed that nearly 200,000 PPE kits are being manufactured in the country as of today. Before this, no PPE kits were being manufactured in the country. But after the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, DRDO and other companies expeditiously developed and started the production of the PPE kits.  



After the pandemic started spreading in the country, the government imported the PPE kits. The PPE kits were in short supply, given the ever-increasing number of cases. Thereafter, 52 Indian companies started manufacturing PPE kits. The DRDO and the Ordnance Factory Board are working on a war footing. As of today, 200,000 PPE kits are being manufactured in the country. In fact, the numbers had crossed 200,000 on the 2nd of May. This is a record for the past two months. Till now, the government has made 2.1 million PPE kits available to the central and state hospitals. The government has also kept 1.5 million kits as a buffer stock.  

By the month of June, doctors and nurses in India will need 10 million PPE kits. Against this background, the Indian companies have started increasing their capacities. The union government will also be importing 8 million kits from other countries. Some time back, the union government had imported PPE kits, but as they were found substandard, the order was cancelled, and kits were returned. It may be noted that the number of PPE kits manufactured in India, before the Coronavirus pandemic, was zero. The health ministry expressed satisfaction that 200,000 kits are being manufactured, as of today in the country. This will be an essential factor in the war against Coronavirus in the coming time. 

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