Some 2.5 lakh displaced due to military crackdown; EU & US impose new sanctions

Brussels/Washington/Yangon: Nearly 250,000 people have been displaced because of the actions of the Myanmar military since the 1st of February. UN special envoy criticised that the military has also taken 3,261 political prisoners. Meanwhile, the photographs of six protestors arrested by the military have been published. The photographs clearly show the signs of torture suffered by them and a demand for action against the Junta regime has been made with the international community.   

Tom Andrews, the special envoy of the UN human rights group, has warned that there is a human rights crisis building in Myanmar. Tom Andrews criticised that the Myanmar military is taking action against its own population for the last 10 weeks. 738 people have been killed in this action so far. Whereas, nearly 250,000 people have been displaced due to this action and Tom Andrews informed that some of these have escaped to the neighbouring countries.   

The meeting of ASEAN, the association of countries from South East Asia, is scheduled to be held in Indonesia on Saturday. Myanmar military chief will be attending the meeting. Tom Andrews and others are criticising that this is why the Myanmar military has stopped actions against the pro-democracy protestors. But Tom Andrews has demanded that the ASEAN countries and the international community take tough action against Myanmar.  

Two days ago, the European Union imposed sanctions against Myanmar military officials and the linked companies. On Wednesday, even the United States imposed sanctions against two companies linked with the Myanmar military. The United States has already announced sanctions against the Junta Regime. The Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations is himself demanding that the international community should take strong action against the Myanmar military over and above the sanctions.   

Meanwhile, the Myanmar military regime is said to be facing a challenge at the local level itself. Reports are being received that the Kachin Independence Army has started launching fierce attacks on the military in the Kachin province.   

It is claimed that the youth, targeted by the military in the city of Kale, also have made preparations for an armed rebellion. 

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