195 deaths and 3,900 new Coronavirus cases in the country, total number of cases reaches 46,433  

New Delhi: – Coronavirus has claimed 195 lives in the country in one single day, and there has been an addition of 3,900 new cases. The situation is becoming more concerning in view of the increasing number of deaths and cases. The number of screenings has been increased in the country, and therefore, the number of new cases reported has increased since the last four days. The records of the highest number of cases reported in a single day were broken thrice in the previous week. Before this, 2,667 cases were reported in 24 hours on Sunday, and 2,567 new cases were reported on Saturday.  


The total number of deaths in the country has reached 1,568, and the number of Coronavirus cases reported has reached 46,433. The pandemic has claimed 195 lives in the last 24 hours. 35 deaths were reported from Maharashtra, and 771 new cases were added. The maximum number of new cases have been reported from Mumbai. 18 patients have died in Mumbai, and 510 new cases were reported. The pandemic has claimed a total of 583 lives in the state, including 361 from Mumbai. The total number of cases in the state has reached 14,541. There are 9,123 cases in Mumbai alone. In view of the increasing spread of the pandemic, the police have invoked Article 144, imposing a curfew. As per this, more than four people cannot assemble at one place. Also, there is a ban of movement of any person, other than accessing medical and other essential services, between 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. Further stringent implementation of rules is being imposed in the certified containment zones.   

After Maharashtra, the maximum number of cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu. 527 new cases were reported from the state, hence taking the total number to 3,550. The record of new cases reported in a day has also been broken in the states of Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and West Bengal. Gujarat has reported 376 new cases, and the total number of cases in the state has reached near 6,000. 396 new cases have been reported from West Bengal, 4,858 from Delhi, 3,061 from Rajasthan, 2,961 from Madhya Pradesh while Uttar Pradesh has reported 2,776 new cases.  

Meanwhile, Luv Agrawal, Joint Secretary in the Union Health Ministry, informed that the numbers are seemingly high as the states with an increased number of tests have reported the numbers late. West Bengal did not declare the number of deaths in the last three days. The numbers were finally declared on Monday. According to this report, there were 98 deaths in West Bengal. Luv Agrawal has also informed that 12,727 patients have recovered completely, and the percentage of complete recovery has reached 27.37%. 

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