Only then can the 10mn illegal immigrants by possibly deported from the US; indicated President Trump

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Washington: President Donald Trump, who proposed a compromise on the issue of the Mexico Wall to be built the US security, has adopted a more aggressive stance in the matter. President Trump has threatened that if this compromise is not accepted, 10 million illegal immigrants may get deported. The Democrat party has downright rejected the proposal and has deemedit as an attempt to hold at ransom.

The political differences in the United States, seem to be intensifying over the insistent stand taken by President Trump over the Mexico Wall. Because of the adamant stance of the Democrat party to oppose the Mexico Wall, the Federal Spending Bill could not be passed. This has forced the shutdown, and in spite of the shutdown being a month old, President Trump and the Democrat party has not been able to come to a consensus. Both sides are blaming the others, and none are willing to back out.

It is evident that the various proposals presented by President Trump are being refused just because of the adamant stand. President Trump is stationed in capital Washington, since the last one month, to try and end the consistently prolonging shutdown and to hold talks regularly with the opposition leaders and officials. Despite President Trump warning of declaring an emergency, the Democrat party is refusing to allocate funds for the Mexico Wall.

President Trump had expressed willingness to concede to some demands of the Democrat party pertaining to the illegal immigrants. The US President had proposed that more than 10 million illegal immigrants will be given protection for a few years, without taking any action against them. But the Democrat party rejected the proposal, even before President Trump finished presenting it.

President Trump has been infuriated by this and has threatened to intensify the action against these illegal immigrants. President Trump expressed his aggression, saying that Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi should remember this. President Trump accused that the Democrat party is only interested in the upcoming elections in 2020 and want to turn a blind eye towards crime and narcotics trade in the United States.

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