10 deaths in mass shooting incident in US’s Colorado brings the issue of Gun Control to fore

Washington: – Ten people, including a police officer, were killed in an indiscriminate shooting in the US state of Colorado. This is the second incident of a mass shooting in the United States in the last seven days.  The police said that Ahmed Alisa is the prime suspect in the Monday shooting incident in Colorado. But the motive behind the shooting is yet unknown.   

us-coloradoThe shooting started at about 2.45 in the afternoon on Monday, in the shop ‘King Supers’ in the Colorado state’s Boulder area. Ahmed Alisa fired indiscriminately for nearly 20 minutes. The police informed that he used an AR-15 rifle for firing. While the firing was being carried out, police officer Eric Tally ran to the location. Local agencies said that he died in the encounter with the shooter.  

The security agencies could stop the firing at around 3.30 in the afternoon. The police have detained an injured person, and it is suspected that he is the shooter. But the police did not reveal any further information. Later, it was only revealed that the attacker’s name is Ahmed Alisa, and charges have been filed against him. The issued statement says that all those killed in the attack are US citizens in the age group of 20 to 65.   

US President Joe Biden has been informed about the attack, and as per sources, he will soon make a statement. Indications are that gun control will once again come on the anvil because of the new attack. Local Congressman Joe Neguse claimed that the US population is tired of the obstacles for gun control, and he warned that the time has come to stand upright in Congress and exhibit political will. Former Congressman from Arizona state, Gabrielle Giffords, retorted that the time of a comprehensive action against gun control by the US leadership has already passed.   

This is the second incidence of a mass shooting in the United States in one week. Last week, eight people had been killed when a youth opened fire in a spa in Atlanta. This new incidence is believed to have increased pressure on President Biden to take firm action on the gun control issue. Although the ruling Democrats are insistent regarding this, the Republican party has bitterly opposed it. The Republican party claims that imposing stringent restrictions for gun control is against the US constitution’s provisions.   

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