Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch a deadly attack on Saudi’s warship

Riyadh : Two Saudi Arabian navy men were killed in an attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Saudi Arabia’s warship. The Houthi rebels have surprised the world by directly attacking Saudi’s warship. This attack is considered as reciprocation to Saudi’s attack on Houthi rebels, just 2 days ago.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch a deadly attack on Saudi’s warship

A video footage was released on Al Masirah, a Yemen based television channel. The attack took place on Monday on Saudi’s Al-Madinah class frigate, currently deployed off the coast of Yemen, near to the port city of Hodeida.

Saudi’s military forces have verified the news of the Houthi rebel attack on their warship. But Saudi has mentioned this as suicide attack in which Houthi patrol-boats rammed into the Saudi-warship.

However, according to information given by Houthi rebels to a Yemeni news channel, the Saudi warship was hit by a guided missile. At the time of attack, the vessel was carrying 176 naval soldiers and officials as well as a helicopter. Nonetheless, this attack has claimed lives of 2 naval soldiers, but Saudi has not yet issued information on any further damage. Meanwhile, a shocking revelation of Houthi militia possessing guided missiles has come to light. It is alleged that Iran might have provided the guided missiles to the Houthi rebels.

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