US warships banned entry in Hong Kong, Chinese reply to US ‘Hong Kong Act.’

Third World WarBeijing/Washington: China has started strong moves to retaliate against the passing of the ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’ by the United States. As the first stage, US warships have been banned entry into Hong Kong and China indicated imposing restrictions on the US voluntary organisations and groups visiting Hong Kong. Although, no official reaction has been given by the United States over the Chinese action, as per administrative sources, the proposed trade agreement between the United States and China is likely to be postponed.

Last week, President Trump signed the ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’ providing for the reconsideration of special trade status of Hong Kong and action against the Chinese officials responsible for action against the protestors. An immediate reaction had been received from China on the Trump action. China had warned that this is a symbol of the malevolent and dominant policies of the United States. A few leaders and officials from China had even indicated an action against the United States.

US warships banned entry in Hong kong, Chinese reply to US ‘Hong kong Act.’On Monday, Hua Chunying, the Spokeswoman of the Chinese foreign ministry, announced the actions, criticising the United States. Chunying presented the aggressive Chinese position saying ‘Henceforth, the US warships will not have permission to dock at the Hong Kong port. At the same time, sanctions are being imposed on the groups Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and National Democratic Institute supporting the Hong Kong agitation. These groups are responsible for the state of anarchy in Hong Kong.’

The Spokeswoman of the Chinese foreign ministry clarified that this action was in direct retaliation of the ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’ signed by President Trump. Chunying also indicated that firm actions would be initiated against the United States, even in the future. The US law has come as a major jolt for the Chinese rulers and this action only goes to confirm that.

Two weeks ago, the US Congress passed the ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’. Along with this act, another independent bill was passed, proposing to ban the export of weapons, used in action against the protestors, to China. This has cleared the decks for the United States to revoke the independent and special trade status awarded to Hong Kong if the situation festers further. Looking at the current state of the Chinese economy, cancellation of the special status granted to Hong Kong can be a major jolt for the communist government.

The signing of the ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’ by President Trump had positive repercussions in Hong Kong. The protestors in Hong Kong took out rallies waving the US flag and displaying President Trump’s photographs.

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