US warns Turkey against attacks on Kurdish rebels in Syria

Washington: The dispute between the United States and Turkey, two NATO members is still not over regarding the Kurds in Syria. Turkish President Recep Erdogan had announced for action against the Kurdish rebels in Syria and had already ordered more than 10,000 soldiers to prepare for it. The US Defence Department has declared that any attacks on the US-affiliated Kurdish people would never be tolerated.

The United States has taken adopted the policy in which the assistance of the Kurdish rebels is vital for the counter-terrorism action against the IS and other terrorist organisations. On Wednesday, after objecting to the US stance, Turkish President announced action against the Kurdish rebels. Erdogan had declared, ‘There is no major IS influence in Syria anymore, and the threat from the organisation is almost over. Therefore, freeing the northern Syrian region near the Turkish border of terrorists is a Turkish right.’ The Turkish President has already declared the Kurdish organisations of the PKK in Turkey and the YPG in Syria as a terrorist organisation.

The US defence department headquarters, the Pentagon has severely criticised President Erdogan’s announcement. The Kurdish groups are partners of the United States in the counter-terrorism actions in Syria. Therefore, any action against them in northern Syria could be sensitive for the United States, the Pentagon spokesman Commander Sean Robertson warned. Robertson clarified that any attacks on the US soldiers and interests in northern Syria would not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The Kurds dominate the region to the east of the Euphrates river in northern Syria, and the United States thus has its military bases located here. The United States has said that the military deployment is for action against the terrorist organisations like IS, Al-Qaeda and other affiliated terrorist organisations.

Meanwhile, there is a raging dispute over the Kurds in Syria between the United States and Turkey. The difference between the two NATO members over the issue is hampering the counter-terrorism action in Syria.

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