US undertakes manufacture of new nuclear weapons to counter China; claims international study group

Third World WarWashington/Moscow: The United States after withdrawing from the Intermediate-range Nuclear forces (INF) Treaty, has embarked on the manufacture of low yield nuclear weapons, that can hit enemy targets with precision. This step is said to be taken given the tension with Russia. But an international analyst has claimed that this preparation is not against Russia.

Rajeshwari Pillai, an analyst with the ‘Nuclear and Space Policy initiative Observer Research Foundation,’ has said that the United States has undertaken the manufacture of these weapons to counter the threat of the increasing Chinese military might, over the last few years.

Last year, President Trump announced withdrawal from the INF. President Trump had alleged that while the United States is reducing the number of nuclear weapons, respecting the INF, Russia and other countries are rapidly increasing and testing their nuclear arsenal. The United States had also warned to withdraw from this historic treaty if its demands were not met. The Russia agencies claimed that in accordance to the announcement, the United States has withdrawn from the treaty.

US, nuclear weapons, china, INFTwo days ago, the US organisation, ‘National Nuclear Security Agency’ (NNSA) announced that the United States, who walked out of the INF, has freshly undertaken manufacture of low yield nuclear weapons. The NNSA did not declare the number of nuclear weapons manufactured. But the weapons are claimed to be smaller than the ‘Little Boy’ used by the United States to bomb Hiroshima in Japan, during the second world war. A news agency publishing defence related news claimed that the nuclear weapons stock would be handed over to the US Navy by the end of this year.

It was being said that the United States is making these weapons given the tension with Russia. The British and European media had published that the United States too has adopted the policy to increase its level of nuclear preparedness against the Russian nuclear preparation. The western analysts had also expressed concerns about the nuclear arms race flaring up between Russia and the United States. But Rajeshwari Pillai has denied these reports.

Pillai said ‘Russia and the United States have even in the past, fired salvos of accusations against each other, violating the INF. INF violation is not a cause of concern for the United States. The concern of the United States is that this treaty limiting the number of nuclear weapons does not include China. The United States has started this manufacture to counter China.’


US to deploy radar in Japan to counter the Chinese DF-26

Tokyo: The United States will soon be deploying an advanced radar system in Japan. A Japanese newspaper reported that the United States would be deploying the advanced radar system to keep a watch on the missiles and satellites launched by the enemies. It is claimed that this deployment of an advanced radar system in Japan, is concerned with the testing of the DF-26 missile by China.

Last week, China issued a warning to the United States, testing the DF-26 anti-warship missile. It is said that these missiles will bring the US warships in the Asia-Pacific region and the Guam Islands within the striking rangeof the Chinese missiles.


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