US begins troops pull out from Afghanistan; Aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower & bombers for security

Kabul/Washington: – The United States has started military withdrawal from Afghanistan, even before the 10th day of the announcement. The US military chief revealed this information. Along with soldiers, even defence equipment is being removed from Afghanistan. USS Eisenhower, the Gigantic aircraft carrier and bombers, have been kept in a state of readiness to retaliate against any attacks on the US soldiers during the process. Meanwhile, the withdrawal process started after the visit of CIA Chief William Burns to Afghanistan.   


Last week, US President Joe Biden announced a complete US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. He announced that the withdrawal process will start on 1st May and will be completed on 11th September. But the US and NATO forces have started the withdrawal process before the announced time. General Scott Miller, the chief of the US military in Afghanistan, has said that the process of military base handover has been started in Afghanistan.   

According to this, the airbase in Kandahar, Camp Shobak in the Helmand province, Camp Eagers in capital Kabul and COP base in Maidan Wardak will be handed over to the Afghan military. General Miller appealed. ‘The military withdrawal has started while the peace talks are being held in Afghanistan. But our orders say this. Henceforth, the future of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Afghan government and Taliban. Taliban should stop the violence in Afghanistan.’  

While the process of military bases handover is being carried out, the United States has started removing its defence equipment from Afghanistan. To ensure security during the military withdrawal, the United States has kept USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and 2 B-52 bombers ready in the Gulf region. John Kirby, the spokesman for Pentagon, said this preparedness is for retaliatory action against any attacks on the US soldiers during the process of withdrawal.   

Taliban had criticised the US military withdrawal plan. As per the Doha agreement, the United States was to withdraw its military from Afghanistan before 1st May. But the Biden administration postponed the date to 11th September. Infuriated by the announcement, the Taliban had announced that the US and NATO soldiers, if seen in Afghanistan after 1st May, will be attacked. There was a dense possibility of a new fierce conflict if the Taliban implemented the threat. This could threaten the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Therefore, analysts have adopted a guarded stand that no final reactions can be given unless the process of US military withdrawal is completed. 

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