Need to form coalition of like-minded nations to resist China: Joe Biden

Washington/Beijing: – President-elect Joe Biden claimed that it would prove effective to form a front of like-minded countries to stop the Chinese activities in trade and technology sectors, violation of human rights and other activities. Biden also pointed out that the United States needs to increase its defence capabilities to stop China. Some analysts believed that the US stand on China will change after Biden takes over as the President. But the statements indicate that Biden will not be softening the US stand. Current US President Donald Trump has a very aggressive stand against China. Trump has consistently targeted China over issues like the economy, trade, investment, technology sectors, along with sensitive issues like Taiwan and Tibet. President Trump is continuing with the spate of aggressive decisions against China, even when the days of his tenure are numbered. Therefore, China is hugely disturbed and is expecting that the US policies will change after Biden takes over as the President.   

But in the last few weeks, close associates and advisors of Biden have indicated that the US policies regarding China will continue to remain the same. This Biden statement endorses this. Biden claimed, ‘The Chinese regime is carrying out activities in the trade, technology, human rights and many other sectors. If China is to be countered on these fronts, it will be important to form a front of like-minded allies. In this case, our side will be stronger and more effective than China.’ Biden even mentioned the security of the Indo-Pacific sector at this time.   

Biden said that while thinking of the US-China relationship, the issue of security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific sector is also crucial along with the trade, economy and environment. He pointed out that if the allies are standing with the United States on these issues, China can be replied more firmly. At this time, Biden also claimed that the United States needs to increase its military might. The President-elect pointed out that if the United States has to be prepared to face future threats, improvement in the defence sector is necessary.   

A few days ago, former US military officials and General Stanley McChrystal, advisor to Biden, warned that the United States was too late in stopping the Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific sector. General McChrystal also advised that the United States needs to increase its military might and form a strong front by assisting allies in the region to counter China.   

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