US to deploy F-35s on the British warship leaving for South China Sea

Third World WarWashington: The tension in the South China Sea is steadily increasing and following the United States, British aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth has left for the South China Sea region. British Defence Minister, Gavin Williamson announced this. Williamson also announced that the super advanced F-35 fighter jets of the United States would be deployed on the British aircraft carrier.

Defence Minister Williamson gave information regarding the challenges faced by British defence forces, during his address, at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI). Williamson said that the United Kingdom would be taking aggressive steps to counter these challenges and the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has left for the Pacific Ocean for the same purpose. Williamson clarified that the international patrolling undertaken by the British warship is to prove to the world that the British navy is ready for global challenges.

US, f35, british warship, south china seaThis will be a long voyage for the British warship. The aircraft carrier will start its patrolling from the Mediterranean Sea. After that, the HMS Queen Elizabeth will enter the Pacific Ocean passing through the Indian Ocean. As soon as it enters the Pacific Ocean, a squadron of super advanced US Fighter jets ‘F-35 Lightning 2’ will be deployed on the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The F-35 fighter jets equipped with stealth technology cost $75 million each, and they are considered to be the most advanced fighter jets in the world. These jets can go undetected even on an advanced radar system.

Before this, the US and British navies had held joint war exercises in the South China Sea. Even in September last year, the United Kingdom had sent its warship to the South China Sea region saying that this region is strategically vital. Apart from this, the British and Japanese submarines had conducted joint exercises in this region. But this will be the first patrolling by the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in the South China Sea region.

In the last year, the United Kingdom has increased its investment in the South China Sea region.Underlining the Freedom of freight movement in the marine region, the United Kingdom had even criticised the Chinese arrogance. The United Kingdom had accused China of militarising this region and threatening international security along with the South East Asian countries. The United Kingdom had appealed to Australia to send its warships for a joint operation with the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Severe reactions have been received from China regarding the patrolling of the US warships near its islands in the South China Sea. Now China will have to counter the patrolling of the United Kingdom and other countries along with the United States, due to which China will have to bear major military pressures. It is being observed that the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan also are challenging the Chinese activities in the Pacific region.

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