US to deploy 1,25,000 soldiers in Middle East in view of the Iranian threat, claims US daily

Third World WarWashington: The United States has issued a stern warning to Iran with the deployment of ‘USS Abraham Lincoln’, ‘B-52’ bombers and ‘Patriot’ missile defence system in the Persian Gulf. But in view of the rising Iranian threat, US President Trump might deploy nearly 120000 soldiers in the Middle East. The New York Times, a leading US daily, has published the said information.


US, soldiers, iranIn 2003, the then US President Barack Obama had withdrawn the US military from Iraq. It is since then that the current US President would be deploying the biggest military in the Middle East, claims the US daily.

Owing to the harsh sanctions imposed by President Trump on Iran, Iran has threatened to increase its Uranium enrichment, whereas, the Iranian officials have been threatening to attack the US interests in the Middle East. It is against the backdrop of this growing threat from Iran that the United States would make the said deployment, states the US daily.

Citing the US military officials, the US daily stated that the US defence headquarters ‘Pentagon’ has planned to deploy 1,20,000 soldiers in the Middle East. However, the daily has not disclosed their identity.

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