US and UK issue advisories to their citizens in Afghanistan 

Kabul: – IS terrorists can target the remaining foreign nationals stationed in Afghanistan. The United States and the United Kingdom have warned those living in luxury hotels in Afghanistan to leave immediately and leave the Serena Hotel in Kabul. The United States and the United Kingdom are said to have issued the warning in the wake of a deadly suicide attack on a place of worship in Kunduz by IS militants last week. According to some analysts, the United States has cautioned its citizens after a meeting with the Taliban in Doha.  


The US and British foreign ministries independently issued warnings on Monday. Out of these, the US State Department has a specific mention of the Serena Hotel and instructed US citizens to leave the hotel and stay away from it. Whereas, the British Foreign Office warned not to risk staying in a hotel in Kabul, especially leave the Serena Hotel. Both countries mentioning Serena Hotel adds to the graveness of their warning.  

In August, US and British troops withdrew, and most of their citizens returned. But some civilians are still claimed to be stranded in different parts of Afghanistan. Some foreign nationals are working in Afghanistan under voluntary as well as international organizations. The concerned US and British staff and officers use the Serena Hotel. Apart from this, the hotel is also crowded with other foreign nationals.  

The hotel was taken over by the Taliban a month and a half ago. The Taliban have been responsible for the security of the hotel since that time. Last week, IS militants carried out a suicide attack on a Shiite shrine in Kunduz. At least 100 people were killed in the blast. IS had warned that such attacks would continue against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Therefore, it is being claimed that the United States and the United Kingdom are being haunted that the IS terrorists will target the Serena Hotel.  

Earlier in 2014, the Serena Hotel was attacked by Taliban militants. Whereas nine people had been killed and six others injured in a suicide bombing at the hotel in 2008. Then, last month, the Serena Hotel again became a topic of discussion. After the Taliban took control of Kabul, there was a major power struggle between the Baradar and Haqqani groups of the Taliban. At that time, Faiz Hameed, head of Pakistan’s notorious ISI, which uses the Haqqani terrorist network for its interests, had arrived at the Serena Hotel. 

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