US avoids blaming Iran for terror attack in Iraq

Washington: Extremist organisations are responsible for the terror attack on the US airbase in Iraq four days ago. But the Pentagon invited new criticism by saying that these extremist organisations have no links with Iran. The US analysts have started accusing that the Pentagon is absolving Iran of the attack on the US soldiers by giving it a ‘Clean Chit’. At the same time, a new proposal for sanctions against Iranian arms purchase has been presented in the US Senate.

US avoids blaming Iran for terror attack in IraqTerrorists launched fierce rocket attacks on the Al-Assad airbase in Iraq on Wednesday. It is claimed that a US contractor was killed in the attack. This is the third attack on a US military or airbase and embassy in the last two weeks. A strong possibility that the Iran-linked Popular Mobilisation Force is behind the attacks is being predicted.

John Kirby, media secretary at the US defence headquarters Pentagon, said while giving the information regarding the attacks that the extremist Shia organisations are behind the attacks. One of the journalists accosted him and asked, ‘Do you want to say that this is a Shia organisation supported by Iran?’ At this time, Kirby avoided mentioning Iran and insisted that a Shia organisation was responsible for the attack.

US avoids blaming Iran for terror attack in IraqKirby said that similar mentions had been made, even in the past, while speaking about the attacks in Iraq. Saying that Iran supports only a few Shia organisations, Kirby avoided pinning the responsibility, for the attack in Iraq, directly on Iran. The US media is pointing out that in the past, every time, the Pentagon has always mentioned Iran affiliated terrorist organisations while speaking about the attacks in Iraq.US avoids blaming Iran for terror attack in Iraq

At the same time, US analysts are accusing that by avoiding Iran’s mention regarding the attacks in Iraq, the Biden administration is softening its stand on Iran. Whereas, Mark Dubowitz, the chief of the think tank Foundation for Defence of Democracies, criticised that Kirby’s reaction indicates that the Biden administration is being foolish to return to the policies of the Former President, Barack Obama.

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