‘Unmanned Warfare’ soon to be a part of war, predicts the Defense Secretary of UK.

London : The use of ‘drones’ by terrorist organizations like ‘IS’, comes as a warning bell for all and ‘drone wars’ will be the future, predicts the UK Defense Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon. To stay ahead of terrorist organizations and other enemies, ‘drones’ will be the most important weapon for Britain, claims the UK Defense Secretary. Only last month Britain had claimed it has begun to develop ‘Laser Weapon Prototype’, a system which can be used against drones, or missiles launched from air and warships.

At an event at the Oxford University, the UK Defense Secretary had expressed his views on ‘drones’ and space conflict. While speaking about drones, Sir Fallon revealed the use of drones by the terrorist organization like ‘IS’ in the Mosul conflict. Fallon added that for the security of Mosul, the ‘IS’ had used drones and to combat these the Iraq and the Syrian army were compelled to use additional forces.

Indicating this example, he predicted that henceforth it is clear that ‘drone wars’ will be the future of wars. Scientific fiction is soon shaping into a scientific reality; and ‘Unmanned warfare’ is becoming a vital part of war, said the Defense Secretary of UK. The use of drones by the enemies of Britain is an alarm bell for UK. This is however a motivation to stay ahead of the enemy and all the efforts are in the direction. Fallon further added, that Britain has developed drones which can travel longer, faster and remain active in any climatic condition.

The new drones which are being developed by Britain include ‘Drone Helicopters’ and ‘Silent Drones’ based on whales, and can be used under water, informed the Defense Secretary. Along with ‘drone warfare’, ‘space warfare’ will also be an important aspect of future wars, indicated Fallon. Britain’s opponents have prepared themselves in advance and hence Britain too has to prepare herself , said Sir Fallon. For this new phase of ‘warfare’, Fallon said, Britain has formed ‘Dragon Den’ a type of group comprising independent experts and advisors,and ex-officials from space and intelligent agencies.

In the past few days, many other nations along with Britain and Russia are claiming to have developed new technologies of war. Last month itself, Britain had informed about ‘laser weapons’ and its preparedness. The Deputy Defense Minister of Russia too claimed to have developed advanced ‘Hypersonic’ weapons based on the technology of ‘plasma’, ‘laser’ and ‘electromagnet’.

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