United States launched ‘SeaRAM’ for protection of their battleships


United States of America has prepared themselves to react to China & Russia, who were challenging United States of America in South China Sea, Black See & Baltic naval area. Recently US Navy has successfully conducted a test of missile destroyer system named “SeaRAM. The newly tested missile destroyer system offers improved ship self-defense and extended keep-out range capabilities in hostile combat environments also has claimed the capacity to destroy missiles of China&Russia that may destroy US battleships& missiles.

A news channel from United States of America has announced that, US Navy has tested the new “SeaRAM” in last week from United States Navy ship called “USS Coronado”. An American company named Raytheon known for producing defense ammunition has developed “SeaRAM”. Test was conducted in presence of the officers from Raytheon and representatives from American Navy. “Raytheon” has also claimed that the new developed system “SeaRAM” was successful in destroying two supersonic missiles in the most difficult situation.

searam-USNavy-1A senior officer from US Navy Tom Anderson has mentioned that the successful test of SeaRAM will prove to be an advantage to the defense strength of American battle ships. In past Raytheon has developed an infrared system called The Rim -116” Rolling Air frame Missile(RAM)is a small, lightweight, infrared homing surface-to-air missile.for United States. For More than last two decades this system(RAM) is in use by US Navy along with German, Japanese, Greek, Saudi Arabian, Turkish, South Korean & Egyptian navies. The targeted range in “Rim -116” was only up to 9 Km & speed of 2 Mac was the major limitation within“Rim -116”whereas US Navy was looking forward for better range at higher speed.

Raytheon has developed the new version called “SeaRAM”. In this newly developed system, the speed has improved from 2 Mac to 4 Mac &there is a further enhancement in the targeted range . Considering this new development US Navy got some relief. There was consistent pressure and danger to the US battleships from Chinese& Russian navy missiles. ” SeaRAM”the Anti-ship missile system is a great help for US Navy in coming years.

During the last few years China & Russia had strengthened themselves by improving the capacity of production for the Warship destroyer missiles. US navy has a Warship called “Nimitz“-one of the largest aircraft carriers in the world with lifespan of approximately 50 years. This type of war ship carries the fighter planes. To counter that China has developed a missile called “Dong Feng 21D also known as Carrier Killer”. By testing this anti-ship ballistic missile missile China has created a storm as the missile has a capacity to destroy the ships like “Nimitz”. Due to such aggressive stance by China the navel area of South China Sea & western part of Pacific Ocean,lately, has become a troublesome area for US navy. The safety of American warships within this area was accorded top priority. Even US senate had raised a concern about this subject & suggested that the US navy must develop and prepare themselves accordingly to handle & resolve the issue. 

Russian Navy is also preparing them by developing a destroyer warship in the area of Black sea. They are also in process of developing one of the biggest warship destroyers capable of carrying the latest missile named as 3M22 Zircon. The warship will have an estimated capacity to carry 200 missiles at single time. The said warship destroyer will be in a type of “Kirov”. The Kirov-class battle cruiser is a class of a nuclear-powered warship, the largest and heaviest surface combatant having a capacity to carry 128 anti-fighter jet missiles, 16 anti-submarine& 60 anti-battlefield ship destroyer missiles.

At the backdrop of such a scenario, the new developed system called “SeaRAM” By “Raytheon” would be useful for the navy of United States of America. American Navy also planning to send one battlefield after implementing the new system “SEARAM” in Singapore.

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