UN criticises Iran for killing 23 Balochis

Geneva: 23 Balochis were killed in the firing by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards last month. These also included some youth. The United Nations has lashed out at the Iranian action. The United Nations accused that this Iranian action against the Balochis is a violation of human rights. Meanwhile, severe tension is reigning, since the last few weeks, on the Iran-Pakistan border because of the Iranian action.

UN criticises Iran for killing 23 BalochisOn the 22nd of February, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards started heavy firing in the Taftan region on the Iran-Pakistan border. 23 people from the Sistan-Baluchistan province were killed in the firing. Iran said that this action was taken against the people involved in fuel smuggling from Iran to Pakistan. Iran claimed that two people were killed in action. The Iranian foreign ministry said that one corpse was handed over to the Pakistani authorities.

UN criticises Iran for killing 23 BalochisBut the Baloch population accused the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had killed 50 of their people. This information was published quoting the human rights organisation. It was accused that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards disposed of some corpses of the Balochis in the canal. The Revolutionary Guard had warned that the locals should not go near the canal. Following this, the discontent of the Baloch citizens erupted, and they resorted to arson attacking the local administrative offices.UN criticises Iran for killing 23 Balochis

Ten days have passed since the incident. Still, the tension in the Sistan-Baluchistan province has not reduced. A minimum of five Revolutionary Guards soldiers were killed in an attack by an armed group of Baloch people only two days ago. At the same time, attacks by the Baloch people on the vehicles of the Iranian soldiers also have increased.

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