Two employees from the Pakistan embassy expelled from India for espionage activities 

New Delhi: – Two employees belonging to the Pakistan embassy in New Delhi have been expelled from the country. These two were involved in sharing sensitive information regarding the Indian military with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.    

Abid Hussain and Mohammed Tahir Khan were working in the visa section of the Pakistan embassy. Abid is from the Punjab province in Pakistan and Mohammed is a resident of Islamabad. Both of them were found to be carrying Indian identity cards and even Aadhar Cards under fake names. They had bought SIM cards based on these fake identity cards. They were visiting sensitive locations using these fake names and ids. They were also involved in instigating defence personnel through social media and extracting confidential information from them.  

Military intelligence agency and Special Cell of the Delhi police had a suspicion regarding these two. Thereafter, they were placed under surveillance. The duo was caught red-handed by the Delhi police near the army unit in the Karol Bagh area. Two iPhones, fake Aadhar cards and sensitive documents were seized from them. It was confirmed during the interrogation that they were working for the ISI.   

Both these people were ordered to leave the country in 24 hours under the charges of posing a threat to national security. Pakistan has protested against it and has accused India of violation of the Vienna convention. The Pakistan foreign ministry claimed that this was an Indian ploy and made a fuss that India is trying to divert the attention of the international community from the trampling of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir.  

Meanwhile, it has been exposed, even in the past, that Pakistan uses its embassy for espionage and anti-India activities. In 2016, 16 employees at the Pakistani embassy in New Delhi had been expelled under charges of espionage. It has also been exposed that the Pakistani embassy in Bangladesh also is used for espionage and activities against India and Bangladesh. Five years ago, it was revealed that such activities were carried out even from the Pakistani embassy in Sri Lanka. Thereafter, Pakistan had to face the embarrassment of recalling that employee, following the Indian accusations. 

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